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aka the "James needs money to fund his case design addiction" thread :p


PayPal only. All items will be shipped from 72801.

I will ship internationally if needed, but the buyer is responsible for any import charges and I will not put a fake dollar value for the customs form.

For Sale List:​
  • Ameri-Rack PCIe extenders
  • Manuka machined gyroscope
  • Box of 48x Sanyo Denki 9GA0812H7001 80x15mm fans
  • Custom Noctua Socket 2011 Narrow ILM mounting brackets

SOLD! First up is quite the rare creature, one of the original NCASE M1 carry bags:

This is the Deluxe model with the optional rubber feet, more info on features and specs here.

I sold my M1 v1 locally, and this bag is too small for Cerberus, but too big for Jolokia, so I no longer have a use for it. It's by far the nicest carry bag made for any case anymore, you won't be disappointed!

I've used it maybe two dozens times to transport my M1, so there's some wear on the interior fabric but it's spent most it's life in my closet.

$125 + shipping


Ameri-rack PCIe extenders

3cm - ARC1-PELX16A1-C3V3

5cm - ARC1-PELX16A1-C5V3

These are PCIe 3.0 capable and work quite well. They are not all that flexible though, so just keep that in mind.

I have 3x available of each length. They've never been used, the ones I used for testing I'm keeping.

$30/ea + shipping. $150 + shipping for the lot.

$20/ea + shipping. $90 + shipping for the lot.


Manuka Gyroscope

SSD for scale, it's not included :p

I'm a former Kickstarter addict, and love science, and also love precision machined things, so when the campaign for this launched I had "sucker" written all over my forehead :p

But it's basically been sitting in the box since I got it, so maybe one of you will get some entertainment out of it. Gyroscopes, how do they work!?

$40 $30 + shipping

Box of 48x Sanyo Denki 9GA0812H7001 80x15mm fans. Specs:

Note: these fans are not terminated, and the wire is 28AWG. So be sure you have crimpers that can handle such small wires.

$300 $200 + shipping


Custom Noctua Socket 2011 Narrow ILM mounting brackets

As seen here:

I have some extra brackets leftover. $18/set + shipping

Note: Some of the brackets have red lettering on the bottom side.


Sometime in the next few days eventually I'll be posting an Oculus Rift DK2 and Sony MDR-MA900 (need to take pics). Feel free to PM me to call dibs if you're interested in either of those.
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@Ca11idus See the post above yours. @Aibohphobia hasnt been on the site since August and is taking an extended leave of absence. Ive locked this thread to avoid any continued confusion.
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