3.5mm Lightning Adapters - A quick review with what I ("had" to) buy

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    so my apple phone didn't come with a 3.5mm jack. bummer
    so so I bought a few adapters, and here's my mini shallow review of a few I bought to circumvent that problem (a bit)
    bearing in mind I'd like to charge and listen to music at the same time

    Content Advisory: I won't be describing sound quality (in terms e.g. of which is more bassy or not or elsewhere). I would be the last person to pick and judge this. Also why are you on SFF forums

    item one: (...well)

    + came with it
    + works. that is all
    - occupies the one port required for charging
    - unsettlingly small
    cable thinness: 2mm

    verdict: don't depend on this too much. there's an image on the internet of someone losing it for days only to find it under their boot. at most it should be used like a permanent adapter for the headphone and not a quick adapter for the phone

    item two: Belkin 3.5mm Audio+Charge Rockstar

    + extra power pass-through lightning port
    + TRRS, so you can use mic'd-up headsets and whatnot
    + works
    - except when I had to bring it back for a one-to-one exchange. randomly died. current one still chugging on. guess it's a QC thing (some comments online have the same experience)
    - volume drops off to silence when system slider isn't zero yet, but it happens for a seriously quiet level, so not really an issue
    - a little expensive, but right about Apple-priced. I'd rather buy one of this than to buy about 3 of Apple's own adapter with the chance of needing to buy them five more times
    - stubby, but at least I wouldn't worry about snapping the thing

    cable diameter: 3.9mm
    verdict: hope you're getting this from a store that's okay with returns or exchanges. otherwise will recommend

    items three: I think this comes badged differently, so here's the picture instead

    + extra power pass-through lightning port
    + not so stubby. I like that it's vaguely cable-shaped end-to-end
    + cheap
    + works-ish
    - while on that point: poorly shielded and grounded. noise can be heard when charging. both of them. whaaaaaat's the point of the feature then

    cable diameter: 3mm
    verdict: don't.

    bonus item: Fiio i1

    + works
    + comes with an integrated mic for answering calls
    + volume and action buttons
    - occupies the one port required for charging
    - hard steps in volume gain. you can hear the volume levels jumping when using the system slider.
    - long enough for you to put the mic to your mouth, but that would require you to coil the headphone to ridiculously short lengths. wouldn't help if the headset cable is coiled down the length.

    cable diameter: 2.45mm
    verdict: now to find a lightning to dual-lighting adapter

    summary: y u do dis aapl
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    IPhone 6s FTW.

    Also, why don't you just get one of those even niche-er bluetooth adapters? Built in battery inclooded! But meh sound quality (it's bluetooth).

    And what are your favorite headphones or in ear monitors? I'm using these cheap panasonic iems as a gateway drug.

    apple removed the headphone jack for the less-marketed airpods I guess, which I have and I reckon bluetooth isn't that bad until you flicka-dah switch to hd 800's and an actual ACTUAL DAC.
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    This kind of BS is why I left the Apple ecosystem. (and never looked back)
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    kinda split on bluetooth adapters. most cheapo ones don't communicate with the host for lag compensation. also not a fan of keeping track on how many batteries I would need to charge ,_,

    I don't own enough ear gear (or tried enough) to recommend any specific models, but in general I'd like my headphones to cover around my ears instead of pressing against it (I think the term is over-ear vs on-ear?).
    Also used to do in-ear headphones, but I had to visit the doctors to be prescribed eardrops for a week and get a year's worth of wax syringed-out with water (yes, it sounds the part), so I only use them when I'm outside and not for long edits now
    (just for reference, I own an MDR-7506, and some audio technica in-ear that's so old that the rubber on the cable's starting to crumble. might need to get that replaced, LOL)

    yeah, an actual USB porta-DAC would be my endgame when someone manages to use it on a lightning to USB3 adapter, but kinda bought myself to a spending corner this month, LOL
    (then again, for the money I spent so far I may have bought them both instead)

    I blame having owned a MBP in a past life ,_,
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    The Android ecosystem is rapidly walking down the same path. IIRC there are fragmentation issues there that Apple avoids w/ not all USB headphones being compatible w/ all implementations on all phones. Eventually this will all get sorted out but at this point not being in the Apple ecosystem doesn't really buy you anything more than time & a little fragmentation.
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