2nd SFF Build of the Year - In-Win Chopin 3400G


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Feb 14, 2019
This is my 2nd build this year. Meant to be for my hotel when I travel to Taiwan for work, this build was supposed to be in a Velkase Velka 3. I ordered it in October, but it won't ship til December... So I got antsy and built in the In-Win Chopin as an intermediate step... This also gives me some time to shop around for an ITX sized GPU in the next few weeks (Black Friday/Cyber Monday). Still debating if I need to upgrade my CPU when going to the Velka 3 (was originally planning to go with a R5 3600), but this little build definitely works for now.

  • Ryzen 5 3400G
  • Gigabyte B450 I Aorus Pro Wifi ASUS ROG Strix B450-I Gaming
  • Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB 2x 8GB 3200 (previously in my Dan A4)
  • HP EX.920 m.2 Nvme SSD 512GB (previously in my Dan A4 as a second drive)
  • In-Win Chopin
  • Noctua NH-L9i with AM4 conversion kit (L9i previously in my Dan A4)
After 1 week with the Gigabyte, it took an emphatic dump as I had previously posted. I am going with a corrupt BIOS. New chip, old chip, it ceased to work any longer... So that's getting returned for sure.

The parts were somewhat recycled from my Dan A4 since I went to upgrade the cooler to an Asetek 645LT which meant I needed to jettison the RGB ram and L9i (obviously). But now that I think of it, I'll likely have to get another pair of low profile ram when I transplant into the Velka 3 (maybe upgrade the Dan A4 with 32 GB?!?).

Adding in some broken down pictures of the setup:

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Feb 20, 2017
Cool, I got that case to throw my unused CPU/board I got laying around after upgrading my actual travel setup since my previous case was all beaten up and that wouldn't make for a good sale... but this case looks so nice that I actually want to keep it now - probably won't sell unless I need for $ reasons and will use it as server instead, I leave a PC running at home that I can VPN/RDP in if needed when I travel, had a slow ass SBC until now but that will be much more convenient.

As good as the case looks it's unfortunately too heavy for travelling by air efficiently (and no GPU obviously...)