1. aromachi

    Built from scratch case: sub 9L

    Started my quest by twisting some wire fencing together to form some wire "rods" and JB welding them into a frame. I liked the result, but it needed some refining.. and I wanted to go SMALLER. Bought some 1/2" aluminum angle rods from Lowes and started putting together a frame with more or less...
  2. S

    .STEP Zotac 2070 Super PCIE Shift Bracket (Testing) 0.9.1

    A custom made bracket for the zotac 2070 super. Currently in testing so some dimensions may still be wrong. It may also fit on the 2060 Super. It should shift the 2070S down by 10mm towards the motherboard in the S4M. This needs taping at the small folding flanges with M3. The folding lines are...
  3. S

    Build Doubt: is HDPLEX 400W DC-ATX compatible with Zotac 2070 Super Mini

    Hello, everyone! I currently have a Skyreach 4 Mini, and I'm interested in Zotac 2070 Super Mini. However, I'm not sure which PSU should I choose, while I found the HDPLEX 400W DC-ATX combo is perfectly fitted in this case. My thought about this PC is an i7-8700k + Asus Z390-I + Zotac 2070...
  4. N

    Updated my EVGA Hadron Air

    Longtime lurker, first time contributor. Finally "finished" my Hadron build for the immediate future. I'm happy to hear any suggestions, constructive critiques or general comments/questions! Not wanting to overwhelm the thread with images, so: More photos Specs: EVGA Hadron Air w/ 500W...
  5. Tact1calBeard

    Closed [EU] Zotac 1080Ti Mini - sold

    Hi, I want to sell my 1080Ti Mini from Zotac. The the card works fine and was never overclocked, accessories are still there Price: 550€ incl. shipping cheers, Beard
  6. SiG

    High-end ITX "Mini" GPU comparisons: heat, performance, coil whine, and reliability...

    I've been trying to look up information regarding the various 2060 Mini and 2070 Mini models (and now the 1660Ti) and how they compare with one another in performance, heat, and coil whine, as well as power draw. It's very hard gleaning at some reviews/data as they tend to skew towards comparing...
  7. T

    Alternate ROM for Zotac GTX 1080ti Mini

    Hey folks, I just wanted to post a link to the EVGA SC2 1080ti ROM which I've been using with my Zotac 1080ti Mini with great success. https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/191595/evga-gtx1080ti-11264-170406 Some users have tried using other Zotac 1080ti ROMs to reduce the fan speed floor on...
  8. T

    Want to get tiny fanless system for streaming

    Hi folks... I'm looking into fanless systems to use for audio and video streaming around my house. Currently, I have a full-on HTPC under my TV, running Windows 7 x64, chock full of storage and great audio and video cards. The issue is, 1) it uses lots of power, 2) I have to remember to turn it...
  9. royalba94

    [GPU related] Watercool it, trade it, or wait to upgrade?

    Hey all! As the title says, I'm trying to analyze my options for watercooling my zotac 980ti - bitspower apparently made a block for it at one point but I can't find anywhere to buy it :/ And before anyone asks why I want to watercool it since it has such a great cooler already I'll answer...
  10. McTeags

    Closed Zotac GTX 1080 Mini (Very Good)

    Price: $530 Payment: PayPal (fees paid by me) Shipping: Free (USA Only) Comes with original packaging. In good condition. I sit my semi-open PC on my desk and this card has noticeable coil wine. Selling it and holding off for a 11 series card. Shouldn't be as much of an issue for someone with a...
  11. 3lfk1ng

    GPU ZOTAC 1080 Mini measurements and review!

    A long but thorough read, we review the ZOTAC 1080 Mini. You can read the entire review here (beware the load times!) (5/18/2017): Load times resolved!.
  12. M

    NFC S4 Mini #178 - Dusk

    First off, thanks so much to @Josh | NFC, @1461748123, and so many others for answering many (if not all) of my stupid questions. Now without further break, I give you my build log (rather attempt)! Hello everyone! This is my first build log for my first SFF PC. My main goal was to create a...
  13. Runamok81

    Zotac Releases New Mini GTX 1070

    Looks like Zotac is now offereing a Mini GTX 1070 for sale. Model ZT-P10700G-10M. Amazon link, here. This is second Mini GTX 1070 to hit the market behind the Gigabyte Mini GTX 1070. Does anyone know if the height of this Zotac Mini GTX 1070 is less than the Gigabyte Mini GTX 1070?