1. thel3igo

    Halo 1, 2, 3, and Reach are coming to PC!

    Announcement trailer Reddit post (other) reddit post Steam store page
  2. A

    Xbox 1st gen

    Purchased a faulty 1st gen Xbox Aluminium she’ll cut and folded (Linus design CNC file) Specs: I5 8400 16gb ram B360i MSI Zotac Gtx 1050ti HD Plex combo 400W I’ll post progress while building
  3. PunchingBagz

    Modding Xbox One RF board to power on PC

    Does anyone here have any experience modding the Xbox One? I'm in the finishing stages of building a PC in my old enclosure, but I've been unable to find much online on how to mess with the RF board. I have kept tabs on similar mods with the 360, though I'm unsure how similar the two consoles...
  4. Mortis Angelus

    Project HoRizen GTXbox - Worlds most versatile Xbox Original

    I have finally reached the state in my project of converting an original Xbox into a mITX PC that I am confident enough to start showing off a build log! In this first post I will show some images of which state I am in now, and also tell the background for the project and my personal criteria...
  5. PunchingBagz

    Airflow for custom build in Xbox One?

    Hey all, currently planning to build an HTPC in my retired Xbox One. Thing is, what I noticed is that while the top panel has a vent for airflow, it's located towards the front half of the chassis and only appears small enough in diameter for the 112mm cooler that came with the Xbone. Assuming...
  6. darksidecookie

    xbox one s internal psu as egpu psu?

    so i noticed something about the internal psu of the xbox one s, it has a standard 6-pin pcie connector. Has anyone tried using it for egpu mods? it's only 30€ and if it works it would be plug and play extra psu power.
  7. Zaazu

    Original XBOX HTPC. Computer inside XBOX case.

    Hi guys, A few weeks ago I set out on the task of making myself a HTPC, but I wanted something special, so I shoved a whole computer inside of an original xbox case. Finished Product: Specs (Already had some components from previous build): PCPartPicker part list...