1. Curiosity

    Other X300-M(AX) case F3D file 1.0

    F3D file for the X300MAX case, 5.7ish Liters depending on the side panel used. Cutout for an XT60 connector at the rear for power out, uses a 3W3 Dsub connector for power in, ideally pins on the case side. Specifically designed for use with the Corsair XR5 radiator, and even then will require a...
  2. Curiosity

    Customod Mini 3.24L #009

    Here's a few pictures and an unedited video to start off, I'll try to get more up after work today.
  3. Runamok81

    eGPUs - Thoughts? - Skull Canyon NUC with Thunder3 PCIe Box.

    Intel recently released their new Skull Canyon NUC. It's impossibly small, and powerful. Of note is Thunderbolt 3 enabled USB-3 port on the back. That port enables this PC to be paired with an external GPU (eGPU) chassis to become on nasty NUC. We are seeing a few commercial Thunderbolt 3...
  4. Josh | NFC

    .SKP S4 Mini 2016-03-02

    This is a simplified model of the S4 Mini that can be used to get a basic idea of scale and perhaps can be used to plan a build. Thanks for looking!