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  1. S

    Can I bring a 240 AIO on a plane?

    Hey guys. I am an international student and go back home during the break with my computer. I have being planning to upgrade my cooling system to a 240 AIO. I wonder if I can bring my system on the plane without the need to drain the system or put the system with my luggage.
  2. Vardas

    How to pack SFF PC for travel

    Greetings! I have plans to build a Mini-ITX PC in a SXM stl 6.3L (260mm x 130mm x 187mm) case ( https://www.custmod.com/stranica-tovara/sxm-stl-6-3l-bh-1?lang=en ) instead of getting a laptop for better performance and longevity, will be much cheaper as well. Have a question about how some...
  3. H

    (TRAVEL) Taking your SFF build on a plane and getting it past Security check

    starting this thread to collectively come up with ways to travel with your SFF build across countries ... SFF are quite travel friendly and its not a big hassle to carry them in a bagpack with portable screen and power source and there are tons of video 's on youtube of people travelling with...
  4. G

    Airplane travel with SSF, with liquid cooling??

    Hi, I am planning to buy a new gaming pc. After browsing on many options I think two can suite my needs the best, just need a bit of clarification to see if anyone can answer my inquiries. I actually live in Panama, and I travel once or twice a year to my hometown in Spain. This is my vacation...
  5. Yardankerty


    Hi all - planned build is for a portable productivity PC (3D animation & rendering). Mild Overclocking of CPU may happen. Build will be happening in LA/USA, need to start later this week. I want it to be light and minimal for travel - with as few components and cables as possible: Ncase M1...
  6. Phryq

    Smallest case for 65W CPU and DDR4

    Hi, I know this probably gets asked a lot, but I'm not seeing the answer in any threads in this forum. I'm trying to find the smallest / thinnest possible motherboard / case combo. All I need inside the case is 1 - Desktop quad i7 (Skylake or Kabylake in January) 2 - DDR4 Ram (ideally 3...