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  1. R

    Motherboard GA-A520I-DASH - Is this a crossover Thin Mini-ITX? Does anyone know where I can buy one?

    Is this possibly a crossover Thin Mini-ITX ie a Mini-ITX with the possibility to mount it in a Thin Mini-ITX case? Does anyone know where I can buy one? GA-A520I-DASH (Crossover - Not strictly a Thin Mini-ITX motherboard) Unique...
  2. cleveland

    Concept Little ideas of greatness

    I don't know why, but, for some unknown reason, I'm really in love with the simple design of the Mini-box M350. Every time I think about miniaturization and reducing the size of my builds, it ALWAYS end up with something like this in my mind: To put more pressure into inovation, I'm riding...
  3. Windfall

    Motherboard Thin ITX Discussion Thread

    Welcome to the #thinpcmasterrace* Since there are quite a few interested parties, I figured it was time to make a dedicated thin ITX thread to consolidate the couple seperate threads (like this one and this one). So here we can: Make wishes in hopes that manufacturers see it Toss around...
  4. E

    Motherboard Potential interest: GIGABYTE 8th gen Thin ITX with PCIe slot spotted in a (pricy) prebuilt

    Thin ITX has interested me although its pretty much impossible to get one with modern specs: namely an 8th gen Intel CPU (i would totally be down for AM4 but that's even less of a thing). There is one board that you could buy right now: The ASUS PRIME H310T. This is probably good enough, but it...
  5. aquelito

    Prototype Neutrino : a 4L case dedicated to thin mini-ITX with discrete GPU

    Hi there, I'm glad to share one of the projects I've been working on for quite some time. Some of you may know my interest for thin-itx boards. I experimented quite a lot with various combinations of hardware and cases but Neutrino is by far my favourite project. To make it short, I purchased...
  6. D

    Motherboard ASrock Thin mini-itx with PCIe x16 connection?!

    First post, so hi guys (came here because of the AM4 STX post by ASrock, P.S. PLEEEASE make that happen) Has anyone else seen this, I don't know if its new or not but it looks like its a flat mini-itx mobo with a full sized PCIe. I am...
  7. aquelito

    Thin mini-ITX powered PCIe riser 4x to 16x

    Hi everyone, @BillBaroud and I partnered with C_Payne from [H] to design and develop a reversed thin mini-ITX PCIe riser, allowing you to add a discrete GPU to your thin mini-ITX system. We have currently 5 risers for sale. We also have a 16x to 16x riser available. We are asking 35€ per...
  8. K

    Motherboard Any Mini-STX or "Thin Mini-ITX" motherboards with Thunderbolt 3?

    Alternately, is there any way to take an open m.2 slot and convert it to TB3?
  9. jtd871

    News [TH] Silverstone outs Thin m-ITX case,32554.html
  10. QinX

    .SKP & .STEP Gigabyte GA-Q87TN 2016-02-15

    Work in Progress of the Gigabyte Q87TN Thin Mini-ITX motherboard. General components are placed where they should be, but not all. Should be updated in the future, no promises though ;) Sketchup Model: Geometry imported from 3D CAD model, please excuse any geometric errors caused by importing.