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  1. thewizzard1

    Sneak Peak - Watercooled B250M-STX with i7-6700T and 970M

    Older project - It's been sidelined, but I realized I never shared it... Also, I really don't have many pictures of it.... But I can share my recent stream, where I unboxed a Sentio Superbook (Displaylink on steroids). Here's a link to the video, just before I bring out the project piece, and...
  2. P

    Smallest Motherboard with GPU Support?

    What is the smallest currently purchasable or soon to be purchasable motherboard that can support a GPU (Either full size or MXM)? I want to build myself a full capable mini pc but with a minimum GPU Spec of a GTX1070, preferably a GTX1080 or 1080ti though if this is possible, I noticed that...