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  1. Firebear

    Cooling New Alphacool SL-15 (120x120x15mm) SFF fans - Noctua budget competitor?

    Alphacool released their new SL-15 fans today They price at € 11.69 (US$ 14,17). Technical Data Alphacool SL-15 Noctua NF A12x15 (as comparison) Speed 600 - 1800rpm...
  2. T

    Cooling Best slim 80mm fans?

    Does anybody have any experiences with Nidec fans? I've been looking for slim 80mm fans and so far found these 80x15mm and 80x10mm fans. Are they any good? From what I could find pretty ok (compared to other slim 80mm fans) and having a brand-name company known for good products like their...
  3. acuraway

    ITX Watercooling Questions

    Good day, I'm planning to watercool my current system. Is 25mm thick 240mm radiator with two noctua A12x15 slim fans enough for 1080ti and 8700 both stock ? Should I go for a thicker 30mm radiator ? (Im not sure whether the noctuas have enough static pressure to push air through)
  4. Kamiii

    Cooling Thicker radiator or thicker fan?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering; does anyone know whether its better to have a thick radiator, something like ~35mm, coupled with a 15mm slim fan, or does it pay more dividends to couple a ~25mm with a 25mm fan? I'm working with 57mm's of space... I'm open for other cooling suggestions aswell!
  5. Kamiii

    Cooling Best slim fan list 120mm

    Hello everyone! Since this is my first ever thread, please do correct me. I'm not entirely up to date on the forum rules. I'll keep the indroduction short. There is a pretty big amount of people struggling with slim fans, for slim cases. I'm not talking 25mm, I'm talking 15mm fans. These...
  6. K888D

    News Noctua Introduces 120x15 A-series fans - Finally!

    THE fans we've all been all been waiting for are finally here! Noctua have just announced they are currently shipping out their new lineup of premium quiet fans which include the highly anticipated 120mm x 15mm models: NF-A12x15 PWM NF-A12x15 FLX