sleeved cables

  1. SFF EOL

    Making sure braided/sleeved replacement cables are the correct length- any tricks?

    Is there a special trick for measuring the length of cables you need? I guess with some of the cases it is word of mouth, learning from other’s mistakes? But what about if your case isn’t that popular, and obviously everyone is using different internals. How do people go about getting just...
  2. Drue

    Power Supply Making PSU cables

    I am currently waiting for the C4-SFX, and I know cable length is a big problem when dealing with sff cases. I really want to make my own custom cables, but from the research I've done make it seem very intimidating. I wanted to ask if there any good videos that I am missing. I would be using...
  3. royalba94

    Custom Cable Services (Sleeved or un-Sleeved)

    Well, I guess this will still be on my To-Do list tomorrow... But hey, I made a thing! Check it out (WIP): I'm in the process of making another page like that one for my other site ( and then getting the surveys up and running but I thought I'd let you all know...