1. Niko-Navaja

    .SKP Asus-Strix-X570-I-Gaming 1

    It is the first time I draw in 3d. this model is not accurate.
  2. Wenemun

    .SKP EVGA 1060 ITX 2018-11-28

    The now ubiquitous EVGA GTX 1060 (There are half a dozen different models. Same shroud, board size etc...) This is an extensive remake of another file i found on 3d warehouse, but with internals and (nearly) correct shroud. This is so you can tear it down, and put your own watercooling block...
  3. D

    Prototype BK rev. 1 | 5L case with GPU and Hard Drive

    September 3rd, 2017: Hello there SFF Forum, looking to make a computer case for myself and maybe others if they so desire to have one as well. I currently have a Fractal Design Node 202 and actually, even though it isn't, think its really big for what you can put into it. Not to mention it...
  4. B

    Sketchup Newb here.

    Hey guys, i'm working on a personal project to make 2 different styled cube cases that i have the dimensions on in my notebook and i'm wondering if there is a way to use pre made models and just import the dimensions of said components? If so, how? Thanks, Mike.
  5. Itanium

    Making an MATX case out of wood (Help needed)

    Hey everyone I needed a small and portable MATX gaming case but can't find anything suitable for me (Except for the Kimera Cerberus case which isn't in production yet) so I decided to make one myself. I am a bit poor right now and have some wood lying around in the shed so I will be using that...
  6. Aibohphobia

    .SKP BitFenix Prodigy 1.1

    SketchUp model of the original version of the BitFenix Prodigy. Includes a windowed side panel. This was modeled from measurements but not super accurately, only to within 1mm or so. Handles/feet originally by Steini Freyr.