1. MarcParis

    Power Supply Seasonic Focus SGX-650 (SFX-L)

    When I read this article, I was stunned....What?! Seasonic coming to SFX-L market?!!,1-67748.html So it's SFX-L format, 650W gold, Semi passive 120mm fan cooling...very good. For now, it's a "Focus" brand...
  2. sergiiua

    .SKP PSU FLEX 1U Seasonic 2018-05-15

    Models of two power supplies. SS- 350 M1U 81.5 x 190 x 40.5 SSP-300SUG 81.5 x 150 x 40.5
  3. dothedu

    Selling Seasonic Focus + Gold 850W + Free toolkit and HD hotswap bay.

    I got this to put into my Lian Li PC-TU200B, however, it looked too big so I decided to switch to Corsair's SF600. I threw away the box but I have everything it comes in, I only turned it on once to power up my system, good as new. I will throw in a toolkit from Micro center worth $12 for free...
  4. sergiiua

    MOD PSU Flex Seasonic SS-250SU

    Based on the usual model PSU Flex Seasonic SS-250SU Made for our mini FLEX mini 3.99L case. The wires are replaced by shorter braids. Added a connector of VGA 8pin and SATA power. The case was repainted. Also we replaced the fan by a quieter from the Noctua NF-A4x10 flx Result of...
  5. iFreilicht

    Power Supply The Seasonic SSP-300SUG fully modular 150mm FlexATX PSU

    Just received this unit today and thought I would take a look at it. I won't actually turn it on until I get the prototype parts for Brevis S, but I got pretty excited just looking at it. Here are my first impressions: Thanks for reading!