1. uonen

    .STEP Scythe Grand Tornado 2023-12-31

    GT1225FD30-P Modeled photos I found on internet dimensions are taken from official site so errors are possibility should not be used if accuracy required.
  2. M

    Cooling 120mm Case Fan Testing in Sliger S610 Case

    Having recently completed comparison testing of the Sliger S610 case in both normal and inverted orientation at it was apparent that this particular single case fan arrangement would allow me to compare...
  3. M

    CPU Noctua L12 Single versus Dual Fan Performance

    I decided to do some top mounted fan testing on the Noctua L12 Ghost Edition cooler. I first replaced the included below the cooler B9x25 fan with the newer A9x25 fan before starting as it has both higher RPM range and higher static pressure. I initially wanted to compare the performance of top...
  4. 3lfk1ng

    Cooling Scythe KazeFlex low-profile fan review.

    Huge thanks to Scythe for sending us review samples of their KazeFlex fan lineup. Please let us know your thoughts below! Read the review here
  5. 3lfk1ng

    Cooling The Scythe Big Shuriken 3. Big performance at a small price.

    Huge thanks to Scythe for sending us a review sample of their new Big Shuriken 3 heatsink. Please let us know your thoughts below! Read the review here.
  6. H

    Cutting Skyreach 4 Mini to fit the Scythe BS2 Rev.B - 58mm?

    Am I able to cut the case to fit a Scythe BS2 Rev.B - Im expecting the fan to stick out as that is 12mm thick - but the heatsink should theoretically be at the edge of the case's enclosure or probably wont close assuming its heatsink is 46mm. (stock cooler and fan - 58mm) Since im currently...
  7. Maestria

    Cooling Scythe jitte plus (39mm top flow dual fan)

    A new top flow from scythe that is very interesting : 39mm with one fan, 49mm with two fan ! Can't wait to see how it performs !
  8. Zer0Sync

    Looking for some sizing help....

    Hey guys, first post on the forum, been reading and browsing the forum for a few months now but never made an account cause I'm weird like that. But I'm in desperate need of guidance..... I have a node 202 with custom made holes to fit a corsair H55 like Bitwit did in THIS video. However the...