1. thewizzard1

    News CES21: Asus Sneak-Peaks uSFF 3080 Custom eGPU [DigitalTrends]

    Via DigitalTrends: https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/asus-rog-flow-x13-and-xg-mobile-ces-2021/ "But then, there’s the ROG XG Mobile, an external graphics enclosure that’s meant to add some additional power to the Flow X13. External graphics are nothing new, but the XG Mobile has a form...
  2. S

    Log Dan A4.1 Custom Cyberpunk 2077 build (custom side panel, modded case) – complete

    Hi team I thought I would post my first real SFF build. My first ever built was the Kickstarter Dan A4, where I was simply happy to be able to create a computer that actually worked. This time, I wanted to build a high-end machine that also looks the part. First, I must make a concession as...
  3. S

    Log internal monitor query - Dan A4.1 (+ a random 3080 FE question) - 2077 build

    Hi Team I have managed to mod the Dan A4.1 to fit a 5" internal monitor/display at the front (and it actually works). I am now wondering if anyones of any software that allows me to create a custom zoom for that display only (I do not want to change the zoom level for my main monitor), but the...

    Production RCC-BIG1 | industrial style vertical 13L SFF case | RTX3080FE ready!

    Introducing REVOCCASES - RCC-BIG1 | vertical 13l wind-tunnel SFF case - RTX3080 FE ready for orders and more info: revoccases.com Many thanks to hi9x for sharing some pictures of his awesome build and confirming that the RTX3080FE works well in the BIG1!