raijintek ophion

  1. ThatGuy333333

    Raijintek Ophion (vented panels) review/build

    After seeing reviews of cases like the dan cases a4 and nfc s4 mini on linus's youtube channel I wanted to downsize my pc, now I've finally gotten around to doing it. I'm writing this review/build as a person who is new to sff so feel free to make any suggestions to improve the build. So first...
  2. L

    Ophion R3600 AC Build Log

    Hi there! I'm happy to share with you my first SFF build. Well, maybe not so SFF if we compare it with these super small cases we see nowadays. But it's SFF if I compare it with the last Gozilla I built (CM HAF 932 + AIO 280mm + Intel Xeon + RAID5 + SLI). I want the post to be a build log. A...
  3. Z

    Enclosure Any cases under $150 that can fit a 240 aio?

    To start off this is first post and im not good with forums, so sorry if this is formatted wrong or isnt well written. Anyway, I have a 3700x and a corsair h115i and a h100i platinum se, and i was trying to find a case that would fit one of them and was still somewhat small. Right now i have the...