Any cases under $150 that can fit a 240 aio?


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Aug 13, 2019
To start off this is first post and im not good with forums, so sorry if this is formatted wrong or isnt well written. Anyway, I have a 3700x and a corsair h115i and a h100i platinum se, and i was trying to find a case that would fit one of them and was still somewhat small. Right now i have the Phanteks evolv itx, and its alright, but its just sorta big and the airflow isnt the best. I was looking at the raijintek ophion evo for a while, but its been out of stock for a couple months and im not sure its coming back, so I was reccomended the nouvolo steck, which i really like (i know its a straight copy of the louqe, but the price is too good), but its also out of stock, so now im stuck. Is there anything else similar to them that i havent heard about? I would love it in white, as im doing a white and purple build, but silver or black is also just fine. A ventilated side panel is fine, but if theres a TG side panel that still can stay cool that would be best. Thanks for any help!

Edit: Also i am moving in a couple weeks, so if i could get it to me within 2 weeks that would be perfect, but if not thats no big deal. I know this I'm asking for basically everything in a small budget, so i understand if im just being too picky and need to make some compromises.