1. D

    Ryzen 5 2600, quiet fans and GPU, max 12W 10H 18D

    That's about the extent of my requirements. It needs to fit into an existing space. I'm looking for recommendations on: Case Motherboard Cooler Power supply I am replacing a 12 year old system that really does still work but is slow. It is to be used in a home studio so I'd like to reduce...
  2. Arrandale

    Zotac RTX2070 Mini Zero Fan Bios Mod explained

    Hi, i loved my 2070 Mini the moment i took it out of the box - very pretty and most importantly, very tiny. But sadly it was pretty loud at idle because Zotac does not allow the fans to run below 34% PWM, which is roughly 1000RPM. At first, i thought Bios Modding newer Nvidia cards was...
  3. dreyco676

    Power Supply Recommended SFX PSU's around 500W?

    Parts Picker is giving me like 5 options, none with reviews. I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a 500w PSU that is relatively quiet and modular?
  4. royalba94

    Quiet(er) 40mm fans???

    Hey everyone! So I'm on the hunt for some quieter 40mm fans for my PC. The main fans I want to switch out are the ones that come installed on my IcyDock ToughArmor MB998SP-B enclosure. I don't mind having to control them separately from the enclosure and I'm also open to possibly having an...
  5. Phryq

    Is there any fan that gets a better cooling / dBA ration than this?

    http://www.fractal-design.com/home/product/casefans/venturi-series/venturi-hp-14-pwm Looks like the Venturi is among the quietest, and it excells at 'high-restriction airflow scenarios', so should be good in a small case with a heatsink. I'm looking for a fan to pair with a passive cooling...