1. M

    Enclosure WIP 55mm High ITX/PIO Case 3D print + sheet

    My Work in Progress 55mm H* PIO/ITX STL (* plus top and bottom sheet metal of 1.5mm-2.0mm). It is designed to be used with M3 round standoffs with 5mm OD; brass heat inserts may possibly work. The depth of my board is 190mm, so the sides are 195mm. The front is not final, I will need to...

    Completed REVOCCASES RCC-TIPIO1 | 1.9L Thin ITX PIO Console Case

    TIPIO1 is a just-for-fun concept for Thin ITX PIO boards and low profile single slot GPUs Specs: Volume: ca. 1.9L Motherboard: Thin Mini ITX PIO 17x17, e.g. JUBO H310C-G GPU: Low Profile Single Slot, up to GTX1650 PSU: small 19V GAN Adapter CPU cooler: ultra low profile <=22mm
  3. B

    Why are there so few case designs that use PIO boards?

    PIO boards like this one specifically. I would think having an angled PCI-e slot to forego the need for riser cables would be a net benefit for many & offer some interesting small form factor designs. I imagine case designs would be laid out much like the Skyreach S4 Mini, but in using a PIO...
  4. S

    Any idea if this is legitimate? It seems too cheap to be true.

    Found this where there's a listing for ASRock B150M motherboards for 45.36 USD and they supposedly have over 1000 of them. If this is real, that is quite tempting.
  5. S

    How to buy a PIO motherboard from taobao.com?

    I'm really interested in these PIO motherboards with how they have the pcie 16x socket at the top and I am tentatively interested in buying one but it seems you can only get them in China. I'm particularly interested in this listing...
  6. R3venger

    Motherboard List of motherboards with angled Pcie slot (-PIO)

    Hi all together, after purchasing one of the motherboards with a angeled pcie slot, using the taobao shopping guide in this forum, I wanted to give you the direct links to the different products. Those motherboards are currently only availible in china as far as I know. Let´s get started...