1. Choidebu

    Power Supply Calculating Power consumption and PSU needed

    hi all, So I'm planning a build: Ryzen R5-1600 (65W) Asrock ab350-itx (incl. intel wifi+bt module) Noctua n9li Rx550 (50W) Nvme ssd 1x8gb ram stick Possibly 1 or 2 sata ssd. I've tried https://outervision.com/power-supply-calculator which said 171W total so it recommends 220+W psu (I think...
  2. K

    What Power Brick to use for PICOBOX 500w

    Title says it all.
  3. cleveland

    Power Supply Z4-ATX-200 question

    Hey guys, first time starting a thread here. For those of you who got a Z4-ATX-200 psu, i'd like to know something: does it come with this adaptor? I've tried to contact with the picobox seller, but the aliexpress always returns me some weird php error. every. freaking. time. Thanks in...