1. G

    Other Slightly taller A4 SFX fan duct for Noctua L9i and A9x14. 3.0

    For all intents and purposes, it is a slightly taller fan duct for the A4 SFX with a Noctua L9i heatsink and a Noctua A9x14 fan. My setup uses an ASRock Z270 Fata1ity ITX. It is 12mm, instead of the provided 10mm design. It also has slightly taller screw mount holes (9mm), since the provided...
  2. ShamedGod

    Multiple NF-A9X14 PWM Fan versions

    I recently purchased the NH-L9A and promptly broke the fan. I figured "My Fault, I can buy a replacement and everything will be just fine" Turns out there are MULTIPLE versions of the NF-A9x14 PWM. I was wondering why the cooler was preforming several degrees worse and after checking the...
  3. Thehack

    J-HACK Mod Shop

    (original post has been modified) Hello. I am a 3D designer, and I offer a 3d printed designs and other items at https://J-hackcompany.com . All my fan adapters are available for download for free, under non-commercial license. If something you need is not listed, you can always send me a...