1. Arelius

    Log Components for smallest possible NAS

    Hi guys, I want to reach out and ask for some guidance on this since I'm truly in/on uncharted waters here. My goal is to build my own NAS with TrueNAS running on it. I have and still are on Synology for the past 10-15 years, done some stuff to the solutions I had but I don't want to pay and...
  2. propernorf

    Log Jonsbo N1 unRAID Build

    Hello Folks Posting my unRAID server that I've been using for Plex and some docker containers, Parts are from previous builds and some HDD/SSD I had laying around. Hardest part of the build was getting the Noctua L12s to fit with 25mm fan and the shell closed, as you can see it's scratching...
  3. WH-team

    Production Treasure-18.9L SFF multiple HDD Storage case

    On the choice of private storage enclosures. The appearance and structure have always been difficult to choose. In June this year, I studied a storage chassis that can be flexibly combined and perfectly integrated into the home environment. So I will introduce you to the relevant contents and...
  4. timginter

    2x 2.5'' NAS from old Windows laptop

    I was looking into buying a NAS and was surprised how bulky they are. Then I thought about making my own, but after some reading it felt like more faff than it was worth. Then I re-purposed my old Lenovo X230 laptop as a proof of concept - worked great: 2-bay (with the right laptop) very small...

    Production RCC-SMALL1 / a brickless 4L case with LP dual slot GPU support and lots of space for SSDs

    Limited quantity available now: REVOCCASES.COM RCC-SMALL1 provides a 4L package if you are looking for: a rock solid compact case decent CPU and GPU performance with internal power supply (brickless without compromise) lots of internal storage for Games, Movies, Work, etc... Features...

    Completed RCC-THIN1 - a brickless thin mini ITX case with many possibilities (HTPC, NAS, APU, etc...)

    RCC-THIN1 is an enclosure for THIN MINI ITX builds. Rock solid, made from 2mm / 5mm thick aluminum. Comes with a 19V / 130W internal power supply and ultra thin 65W TDP CPU cooler (Silverstone customized OEM model). This case looks simple but offers many possibilities... Example 1: Brickless...
  7. Phuncz

    Server + NAS in Silverstone CS01-HS case

    My old NAS in a PowerMac G5 case and my NUC home server are growing old, I also want to upgrade beyond 1Gbit networking. So as I usually do, I start from the case I want for this project. It needs to be well below 20L in volume. It also needs to have serious performance and I want to use as much...
  8. K

    Accessory Selecting a new NAS system from options

    Hello! I've been lurking for a while, and created an account to join the fun. Long post ahead in the interest of sharing information. I had an Asustor 3204T which just died. Sending it off to them for RMA, they might get unhappy with all the 'warranty void' stickers removed but I'm done with...
  9. LeChuck81

    NAS build?

    I'm evaluating a NAS. Main use will be providing DVD/BD/UHD (when it will eventually be possible) rips to the house. No transcoding, pure, raw, delivery. I wonder if I should go with some basic Synology or build a cheap one. Things I'm looking at: - Raid 0; - Easy to use interface; - Silence...
  10. Thehack

    Concept Pure NAS project

    Is there any interest in a compact NAS design? How many drives would it need? What kind of cpu would you want?
  11. BaK

    SG05 NAS

    Hi I've repurposed my first SFF build to make an SG05 Silverstone case a 2 bays NAS. From this: To this: Motherboard: Asrock J3455-ITX CPU: Intel Quadcore J3455 (imbedded) GPU: Intel HD Graphics 500 (integrated) RAM: 2x 4GB DDR3 SO-DIMM Storage: 2x 4TB HDD + 64GB SSD PSU: Silverstone 300W...
  12. nyxtom

    S4 Mini NAS

    Following up to the S4 Mini "top hat" design ( I have another S4 Mini that I wanted to convert to a home nas server using the bay drive for 8 7mm 2.5" drives. I have a few parts and I'm measuring out the specs for this one...
  13. nextechnews

    Completed Custom Wood Case Designed and Built (CNC Router Table)

    Checkout my friends photos: Took some amazing pictures of the PC. This case was made for a photographer friend of mine that needed a NAS to back up all her clients photos to. The case was designed in Inventor then I exported in from Inventor into VCarve...
  14. sergiiua

    Stalled Custom_MOD NAS FX case

    Hello friends! I have long been asked to make a case for a home storage. Evaluate this prototype. Does he have a future? Please fill this form if you want to make an order. case NAS FX 7.5L prototype PHOTO ALBUM Super compact case for home storage. Specs: - Volume: 7.5L (225mm x 190mm x...
  15. Phuncz

    SFF.Network GIGABYTE reveals next-gen 16-core Atom Server ITX board

    Read more here.