mini itix build

  1. CircleTect

    Concept SPACE CASE: 3d printed mini-itx - NEW 4 slot-gpu support

    PROJECT GITHUB This project is: A case that you can make at home with nearly any consumer 3d printer A case that won't take months/years to ship 🙃 A very easy case to build in Perfect for modding Open source, so you can edit the original design files A case that will continuously receive...
  2. Da_Korn

    7L watercooled SFF Case (Dual 92mm radiator)

    After building my first custom mini PC, I have had the idea of a Watercooled PC?. A sub-7L SFF case that can accept standard mini ITX components and watercooling components. My finished Design ended up to be 7,26L in volume?. My Choice of the radiator is a dual 92mm alphacool unit. my goal was...
  3. N

    Mini ITX build with Noctua-D15 Performance Gaming PC

    I started a thread a few days ago for a concept design for my ultra compact gaming PC with the D15 as a centerpiece. Thread here: the 3 concept designs: V1: Double NH-D15...