m.2 pcie riser

  1. S

    Other PCI-E to 2 x m.2 riser, 1 nvme 1 WLAN

    So in the never ending cycle of tweaks and upgrades I find myself wanting to add WiFi and Bluetooth to my htpc. I could just get a usb dongle but where's the fun in that? I currently have an nvme SSD plugged into a pcie riser and now I'm wondering if I can get a dual m.2 riser and get an...
  2. LegionDD

    PSU Puter - ~2L gaming PC build inside an ATX PSU

    Hello everyone, I have just finished my most compact build yet and am convinced there's no better place to get some feedback on it than here. My build fits a gaming PC (7th Gen. Intel + 1050 Ti) inside the husk of a dead, standard ATX PSU (outside volume of just 2.16L). Admittedly I have been...