lp gpu


    Production RCC-SMALL1 / a brickless 4L case with LP dual slot GPU support and lots of space for SSDs

    Limited quantity available now: REVOCCASES.COM RCC-SMALL1 provides a 4L package if you are looking for: a rock solid compact case decent CPU and GPU performance with internal power supply (brickless without compromise) lots of internal storage for Games, Movies, Work, etc... Features...
  2. Thehack

    Production J-HACK PURE X - 4.3L LP GPU chassis with FLEX support

    Hello, Following the release of the J-HACK PURE, I am currently working on the PURE XL. A large version that supports LP GPUs and FLEX ATX PSU. It is not the smallest LP case, but it is designed to be more flexible and built for people who require a lil' bit more CPU processing power. Specs...
  3. Choidebu

    Log Project 🐦RoadRunner (Battery Powered Portable PC, in S4M-C #524)

    [01-12-2019] New direction of the project: removable battery pack! Currently requesting comments and feedback. [23-11-2019] v3 arrived! Pics of the pack, in the enclosure, in the case. Bottom balancing started. [10-11-2019] v3 batt case sent out, all parts crammed in the S4M-C. [07-11-2019]...