1. Nanook

    Further downsizing my HTPC (7.2L to 2.9L)

    I’ve been using a silver Dancase A4-SFX v1 for a few years now. The build mainly utilized leftover components from upgrading my main gaming pc. A4-SFXv1 vs F1C: Daily driver in the background :) A closer side by side: Original HTPC Case: Dancase A4-SFX v1 CPU: Pentium G4600 CPU cooler...
  2. Jonny727272

    Cooling Noctua NH-L9i vs NH-L12(without top fan).

    I'm curious if anyone has any input on which would perform better. I realize I'm paying about $20 more for the L12 and not even using one of the fans, but it's all in the pursuit of a better and smaller system! Also, does anyone know if the L12 will even fit on the Asus Strix Z270i MoBo? I would...