hdplex 400w ac-dc

  1. R

    Power Supply HDplex 400w AC-DC + DC-ATX and AMD R9 Nano(IT WORKS!)

    Hey everyone, (TLDR at the bottom) I picked up a 2nd hand Skyreach 4 Mini, hdplex 400w dc-atx, and Dell 330w brick from r/hardwareswap a couple months ago. When I found out the AC-DC was coming out I pre-ordered it almost instantly. I grabbed an R9 Nano from offerup for $145 shipped because...
  2. R

    Prototype The Toaster: 5.0L - Fits 1080 Ti Mini & Internal HDPlex 400W AC-DC

    This is a design I've been working on for awhile. My goal is to fit my current setup into a package that's 5 litres or under...competitive with say...an S4 Mini which would not fit my components but is the same size. Also, while the book style of pc is attractive to many, I like more of the...
  3. SoulTrain

    HDPLEX 400W AC-DC Brick Conversion Case Exist?

    I am another happy owner of Skyreach 4 MINI. Currently it has a 1060 in it and I want to keep room for a 2070/2080 or something similar to that size in the future. I think many of us are salivating over the new HDPlex 400W AC-DC converter. I would love to ditch my Dell Brick which I think...
  4. S

    Can an underpowered PSU run safely with computer on idle/non intensive tasks?

    So I am building an S4M system with an R9 Nano and Ryzen 5 1600. The only part i am waiting on is the HDPLEX 400 AC-DC. (Out of stock, no idea when will be available.) However Im really itching to start up my system now. I have a Dell 150w brick from an old Alienware. Assuming I am not running...
  5. Wenemun

    .SKP HDPlex 400w 2018-11-29

    Quick HD plex 400w AC-DC made from plans given on the webpage. Its just a shell. HDPLEX 400W.AC-DC is an internal high efficiency AC-DC adapter. It is designed to work with HDPLEX 400W/800W DC-ATX and Thin-ITX/NUC platform. It accepts 90-264VAC input and outputs 19VDC. The working efficiency...
  6. S

    HDPLEX 400w W/ R9 Nano?

    Hey guys, I was wondering whether or not an HDPLEX 400 could power a R9 Nano adequately. The form factor of the card is perfect for an S4 mini brickless, but I am worried about the power consumption of the Nano, from what I have read it consumes under 200w normally, but Josh commented that it...
  7. Windfall

    Power Supply HDPLEX 800W DC-ATX

    There is no thread as far as I know, so here goes! The video:
  8. Biowarejak

    Concept Project: Radian - Sub 12 Liter Watercooled ITX Chassis

    Project: Radian Starting 10/27/2017 I began all the computer aided design work using FreeCad, an amazing if quirky tool that's still essentially in apha - and totally free. About a week before that date, I was doodling in class, running off 5 hours of sleep and a Dr. Pepper, when the basic...