1. kaiii

    Closed [US-CA] Buying Louqe Ghost S1 & Large Tophats

    Got it all thanks yall
  2. W

    Ryzen 3000 Ghost S1 + 3700x + 2070 Super - Build Check

    Hi all! This is my first time building a PC and I've always loved the idea of having a powerful, compact computer that could fit in a backpack. Just wanted to post here and get a few more eyes on the build to spot any potential problems. My main concern is temperatures, and I don't have a good...
  3. deadline

    Closed SOLD! Really pretty Louqe Ghost S1 Ash w/ large tophat and both ash + copper grill

    Batch one. Case is more or less mint, and the factory had a really good day when producing it! As I'm planning an even smaller build, this one has to go. When it comes to asking price, I'll not rob you, but won't sell with a huge loss either. :)
  4. H

    Yet Another Loque Ghost S1 build...

    Hello, new here.. I recently ordered Loque Ghost S1 case, with 1 large top hat and 2 medium, i haven't received the shipment yet but i was hoping for advice and guidance on purchasing the right hardware for now, i'm very rusty and the last time i built a pc on my own was in mid 2000s :( Well...
  5. Sldr

    Louqe Ghost S1 Ash (L Tophat bottom, M+S Tophat top)

    Although I have already shared these pictures in other threads and on other forums/reddit/twitter, I thought some of you might enjoy these in a build log too. Internals are here: Highlight: 8086K, Asus ROG Z390-I Gaming, 2x16GB Corsair DDR4 3200Mhz (ordered...
  6. deadline

    Buying Loque Ghost S1 (EU - Norway)

    Hi! If you have you want to sell yours when it finally arrives, please get in touch. :) I'm suggesting PayPal for seller/buyer protection. Kind regards Stefan
  7. V

    First SFF build - preparing the Ghost S1 MKII {in progress}

    Hello, (be kind, English is not my mother tong) As the tittle said, I will make my first attempt in the SFF world. Lurking here and there for weeks now, I ‘ve decided to pull the trigger. Until now, I was waiting following parts: Ghost S1 (April or so - I am waiting a...
  8. zarch

    New to PC building, and finding traditionally sized PCs are. . .antiquated.

    Hello all, Years ago (2005ish?), I bought my first desktop from cyberpowerpc. I had a friend update it in '09. Now, I'm looking at doing my first build myself. The technology has changed. I am more confident in my abilities, and there seems to be a much larger presence online for help. As I...