flex mini

  1. ImmaculateDoge

    CustomMOD Flex Mini - R5 1600 + R9 Nano in 4.5 Liters

    It's done: The all-AMD gaming PC at the ragged edge of miniaturization with semi-custom and off-the-shelf parts. Despite the aftereffects of the mining boom, 2018 is an exciting time to be building. AMD has risen (Ryzen?) from the ashes, semiconductors are getting smaller, cooling technology is...
  2. sergiiua

    Production сase series: SL1 2.1L; SL2 3.4L by Custom_MOD

    ...in search of a simple and convenient design... This is a new line of cases made of steel. More strength and cheaper cost! Case SL1 2.1L rev.3 is our smallest case! It was designed for office and multimedia tasks. The simple case design allows you to conveniently assemble a PC in it and...
  3. sergiiua

    Selling Components after video shooting

    Sale Accessories after photo video shooting. All components are in perfect condition. Worldwide shipping. You can buy through our website. 1. WaterBlock BYKSKI GPU N-GV2060OC-X - $89 2. PSU Flextronics GA240P - $89 5% discount when buying multiple items
  4. Maestria

    Custom_MOD FLEX mini #001 (8700k Ultra GTX 1080)

    Hi guys, i just got my Custom_MOD FLEX mini and i wanted to share my experience with this cute case and SFF building. (And sorry for my poor English, i am French :D) It's a long time now, i m looking for a realy small case that i can use as main PC and travel with. So, I want something : - As...
  5. sergiiua

    Production cases FX 4.2L / FX 4.9L by Custom_MOD

    Attention! Very small cases. Very compact, with internal power supply. This is your freedom without limits! Travel with a full-fledged Gaming PC. case FX 4.2L rev.4 Size: 220mm x 190mm x 100mm Material: Aluminum (1.5mm) MB: mini-ITX (170x170mm) GPU: up to 180mm long Cooler: up to 39mm high...