1. uonen

    .STEP Corsair AF120 Slim 2023-09-23

    CO-9050144-WW Modeled photos I found on internet dimensions are taken from official site so errors are possibility should not be used if accuracy required.
  2. uonen

    .STEP Cooler Master Mobius 120 OC 2023-07-01

    MFZ-M2NN-32NPK-R1 Modeled photos I found on internet dimensions are taken from official site so errors are possibility should not be used if accuracy required.
  3. uonen

    .STEP Be Quiet Silent Wings Pro 4 140mm 1.0

    BL099 Modeled directly photos from be quiet's official website errors are possibility, should not be used if accuracy required.
  4. A

    Discussion NR200, top fan screws

    Hello, I've noticed some fan/vibration noise from top fans. I don't know if it is due to the simple fan holder that came with the case(top fans are currently not screwed in). Does anyone know the specs for top 120mm fan screws. I found UNC 6-32 30mm? or go with 35mm instead? EDIT: Hmmm, i see...
  5. 3lfk1ng

    Cooling Scythe KazeFlex low-profile fan review.

    Huge thanks to Scythe for sending us review samples of their KazeFlex fan lineup. Please let us know your thoughts below! Read the review here
  6. davbojic

    New data for V6 on your web page? Mini-DTX compatible? New GPU clearance for V6? New SFX position?

    Hello. I made preorder on Ncase M1. That will be my first PC build from start. When you will change new dimensions and description for new version v6 on your web page (because now is data for v5)? Can you confirm compatibility Ncase M1 with asus AMD AM4 X570 Mini-DTX motherboard (can you put...
  7. P

    dancase a4 v4 upcomming build, help

    Hey guys, im planning on building my new pc in the dancase a4 v4, but I have a few questions before i dive in and buy everything. 1. Can you mount the asetek 92mm aio in the back, and a 92 mm fan in the front under the mb? because i want to buy a ryzen 3000 cpu, and people recommend cooling for...
  8. G

    Cooling Sharkoon QB One "Air Flow" question

    Hello guys, I need an advice. So I have Sharkoon QB One Mitx case. Right now my rear fan(red on the picture) works as an exhaust fan. I have one on top as intake. My cpu fan moves air from right to left. Do you think it's an optimal setup? I'm not sure about the second fan on top, hdd bay will...
  9. F

    Ncase M1 cooling - 120mm fans under the GPU

    Hello my sweet princes! My Ncase is currently on it's way to a country superior to yours (Canada, of course). In the meantime, I'm planning the build... So, here are my questions. 1.Does an open-air GPU manage to keep reasonable temperature? 2. a) If I add two 120mm fans to the bottom of the...
  10. K

    Cooling Does Fan Clearance Matter for Radiators?

    I'm very slowly dreaming about a watercooled SFF. Love the stuff shown on the forums and elsewhere, but I keep wondering if fan clearance matters. Sometimes I see a radiator setup with 15mm fans where 25mm could fit. Both are obviously tight, but how much intake clearance do you really need...
  11. thel3igo

    Cooling What are the best 92mm High Static Low-ish Noise Fans for CCD MI-6?

    I am planning on doing a build in the CCD MI-6 (once it arrives in a couple of months) as follows: CPU: R5 1600X/R7 1800X Cooler: C7 Cu GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1080 (the tiny one) PSU: Corsair SF 450/600 Platinum There are two topics here I would appreciate help with: I have been looking for an...
  12. C

    About CPU Temperature and bottom fan

    My Ryzen 2600 is running at 47c idle and 81c in Aida64. Is this ok or a bit too hot? (the cpu cooler is noctua L9a) Does adding a fan below the PSU (where the ssd mount is suppose to be) help in the A4 case? Thanks!
  13. D

    AMD Wraith spire fan on wraith stealth?

    Hello Everyone! I'm planning a build on the Geeek A40 and most of the options for CPU cooler are pretty ugly or expensive. My CPU will likely be the Ryzen 7 1700, which comes with the Wraith Spire LED cooler. Clearly the spire does not fit the case, but it is easy for me to purchase a cheap...
  14. W

    Noctua NF-A9x14 fan mounted on AMD Wraith Stealth cooler

    I have mounted my Ryzen 2400G mini-ITX board upside down in the bottom drawer of my desktop. It's and old desktop so I just made a hole that fits the stock wraith stealth cooler in the bottom of my bottom drawer. (pardon all the bottoms, English is not my native language) My desktop stand in...
  15. ImmaculateDoge

    Cooling 80 x 80 x 10 mm case fan... doesn't seem to exist?

    Hello all, First post! Is it possible to find a good 80x80x10mm case fan? Some googling and searching on the forum only turned up one from Akasa, mentioned here. However, the Akasa model seems to be noisy and of low quality. I'd really like a couple of nice quiet 8010s for a planned build in...
  16. Thehack

    Cooling Thermalright TY-100R Fan (100mm)

    Anybody interested in buying one? Thermalright is willing to sell me a bunch and I'll resell them for $16 each shipped USA. I'll need 8-10 interested buyers So far only the black/red versions are available.
  17. dan1337

    Would you buy a 1200w PSU just so the fan dosent come on when gaming

    I already have a z370 8700 1060 build. I have just bought a xigmatec nebula c. I am a silence fiend so am seriously considering buying a corsair hx1200i so that I can use up to 500-600w without the fan coming on. Am I taking things too far or is this something that is normal for silence seekers?
  18. BernardoZ

    Cooling Fanless low-profile cpu cooler?

    Hello guys. As some of you might know, I'm recently working on a sff pc case, that will support up to 50mm cpu cooler height (check thread). My main concern about it is cpu cooling, as the tempered-glass panel has no vent holes, and this may cause some turbulance and noise. So I was thinking...
  19. Thauner

    Cooling Thicker fan on Noctua nh-l9i

    I currently use my noctua nh-l9i as cpu fan. And no surprise, it's very silent. I saw that I can get 25mm fans that fits the cooler both in the beige color and in the grey redux one. can actually fit it in my case and still have 10mm before I hit the plate. Will they perform better than the...
  20. snyed

    Optimal Airflow

    If a case were to have only 2 top fan mounts, what directions should the fans face for the best cooling performance? Airflow diagram: