1. D

    Power Supply FSP 400w 80+ Gold Vs. ENP-7140b flex atx

    Doing a Velka 3 build and ended up purchasing the FSP 400w 80+ gold PSU they offer with the fan in the back. Went to go test it today and it's doing this thing where it clicks once and then turns off. Going to most likely RMA it, do you guys think it's worth getting another one from FSP or...

    [SFFTEC] Enhance ENP 7660B Pro (Limited Edition): Custom 600w Flex ATX PSU

    Enhance ENP 7660B Pro is a custom 600w Flex ATX power supply developed by SFFTEC. This powerful 80+ Platinum PSU is manufactured and customized by Enhance with a quiet fan, black short cables, and dark body. It fits neatly in most SFF PC cases, and will have a very limited stock Lead time: June...
  3. BernardoZ

    Power Supply How to review a PSU?

    Hello guys! As some of you may know, we recently got the new psu from Enhance. That is a 600w 80+ Platinum Flex-ATX power supply, with a very reasonable fan noise! We already made some tests, and in our opinion, this is the absolute best Flex-ATX psu on the market right now. Supported loads...