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dancase a4

  1. L

    Log FormD T1 3070 build help - purchasing all parts

    Hi everyone I am looking on building my first portable gaming PC. Been a laptop user my entire life and I'm just tired of running everything on lowest resolution and switching laptops every 2-3 years plus not being able to replace parts. With Cyberpunk coming out I am deciding I need to get a...
  2. P

    dancase a4 v4 upcomming build, help

    Hey guys, im planning on building my new pc in the dancase a4 v4, but I have a few questions before i dive in and buy everything. 1. Can you mount the asetek 92mm aio in the back, and a 92 mm fan in the front under the mb? because i want to buy a ryzen 3000 cpu, and people recommend cooling for...
  3. C

    A4 or S4 mini for 2700x

    So I'm definitely going to purchase one of these cases, I just can't decide between them. At the end of the day, it just boils down to which one has better cpu cooling performance. I'm just not seeing too much about the 2700x in either of these cases and would love any help.
  4. AseDen

    Performance teaser... What would you prefer?

    Hi SFF Forum, We're getting closer to having meaningful information about our new cooler. Let's say I was to do some performance teasing for you... What would you prefer having me do; Ryzen 1700X, Core i7-8086K or Core i9-9900K ? Bonus: I will probably be able to do all. But which would you...