cryorig c7

  1. Thehack

    Production AM4 Brackets for CPU Coolers (C7 + others)

    SaperPL was mentioning how it would be nice to have AM4 brackets that turn the C7 cooler 90 degrees. I'm about to put in an order for some sets but I would like to know if the community is interested in them?
  2. M

    Cryorig C7 vs. Noctua L9i (with and without fan duct)

    Hi team, I considered the C7 and the L9i for a DAN A4 SFX v3 build. I didn't know which one I would prefer so I tried both. I'm sharing my findings in case it helps someone. TL;DR: If you can tolerate the weird fan noise get the C7. Otherwise get the L9i but make a fan duct. Temperature I...
  3. M

    Cryorig C7 Mod

    so i pre-ordered a zs-a4 case (similar to dan a4-sfx and sunmilo a4) from taobao 2 weeks ago, and was really concerned about cooling my intel k cpu. after some research, i found cryorig c7 + noctua a9x14 yield the best result for cooling and acoustic. While i was looking for an elegant solution...
  4. artimaeus

    Motherboard [Help!] S4 Mini AM4

    To my knowledge I'm one of the first people to attempt putting a mini itx am4 board in the s4 Mini (Biostar board cooled by a cryorig C7 btw). I'm noticing some compatibility issues that weren't there before. The cooler seems to either be taller than the origional spec, or the AM4 socket is...
  5. TheInternal

    Node 202 revisited

    Greetings everyone. Well, I decided to try to address some ongoing issues with my initial node 202 build. Namely, the CPU temps and the noise being higher than I would prefer. In the process, I decided to upgrade to a i7 7700k processor and swap one of the two 850 evo 500GB drives for a 2...