1. GDesign

    Prototype Worst idea ever? A slightly different SFF case: the G-Design GD47

    Hi all, I'm testing the appetite of the market for a SFF design which I am considering manufacturing on a small scale. If it interests you, I'd love to hear your comments in the reply section below or by e-mail at: [email protected] Introducing the G-Design GD47: (X-box controller and...
  2. N

    Will this build work with a 250w pico psu?

    Hello! So I'm building a SFF PC to use for interactive multimedia and performance projects, as well as a workstation for video and graphics editing. Running stuff like Max MSP, Processing, Ableton, Touch Designer, Unity, Maya, and After Effects + Adobe CC stuff, and hopefully doing a few of...
  3. zaozabot

    10L Jonsbo V3+ Custom Gaming Build

    Hi everyone! Sorry for my bad english, i'm from Ukraine. I would like to share my SFF Build, because i didn't find anything of this kind on the forum. In my opinion Jonsbo V3+ case is perfect balance between case size, cooling capabilities and performance per liter. Of course, not without some...
  4. C

    List of SFF GPUs

    I made a list of small GPU's. It contains single slot cards, half height cards, short cards and passive cards. You can add cards in the second sheet called 'Editable list'.
  5. S

    DoubleU - 3.99L gaming machine

    Hello, I've kinda new here and to making logs but we all should start somewhere someday, right? So I started with idea of making gaming tablet based on desktop parts but turned out that nano-itx with PCI-e and reasonable CPU costs over 1000$ witch made me drop this idea. However, on the way...