1. V

    Closed S401 I5 6600k 1080ti based PC

    I’ve been upgrading my main pc and now have a spare that I don’t need. Selling assembled PC: Intel i5 6600k cpu (delidded with arctic silver mx4 thermal paste) Noctua l9i fan and heat sink MSI B250 AC Pro itx motherboard Zotac 1080ti mini gpu 2TB micron SSD 500gb Samsung 860 EVO SSD 16gb...
  2. loader963

    Closed Cerberus X

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD View post on Putting my Cerberus up for sale for $200 shipped and really trying to keep this in the US if I can. It is the X (ATX) model. It has the following options: SFX Rear Mount SFX Internal mount & Plug Hinge Bracket Vented Top Vented Side panel (mobo...
  3. G

    Trading Trading/ Selling GTX 1080 strix

    I'm planning on getting a 2nd gpu soon so I can create a dual gpu render system for my work, but my psu only has enough psu connectors for 2 x 8 pin pcie plugs. My 1080 strix is a 2 slot gpu that uses one 8 pin + one 6 pin psu connector. I need a gpu that only needs a single 8 pin psu plug...
  4. G

    Closed S4 Mini classic in Silver

    ***EDIT: CLOSED*** Decided to keep the case and build a ryzen 2200g system for my younger brother. Selling my S4 mini classic in silver, comes with installed power button, and siflex gpu riser. I'm sad to part with this, but I could use the money to buy a good graphics tablet for my artwork...
  5. G

    Closed Selling Dan-A4 black case

    Selling my black Dan-A4 case, great condition, comes with riser of course. I'll do 245 before shipping, open to offers as well, or if you are local to me in California, then its yours for 245. Please help me get this off my hands, leave a comment and pm me as well, thanks!
  6. threestripevida

    Closed Selling used SSD, MOBO, NCase M1 V.5, and PSU.

    Hey guys, I am selling my OCZ Trion 150 960GB SSD, ASrock Fatal1ty Z170 Mini ITX, silver, no ODD, Ncase M1 v.5, and Corsair SF 600 watt power supply. All of the parts have been used since October last year and have been kept up with and work just fine. SSD: Has been great, no issues...