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Closed Selling used SSD, MOBO, NCase M1 V.5, and PSU.

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Hey guys, I am selling my OCZ Trion 150 960GB SSD, ASrock Fatal1ty Z170 Mini ITX, silver, no ODD, Ncase M1 v.5, and Corsair SF 600 watt power supply. All of the parts have been used since October last year and have been kept up with and work just fine.

  • SSD: Has been great, no issues whatsoever. Will reformat the drive before selling. Was used for game storage. Looking for $150. SOLD

  • ASrock Fatal1ty Z170 Mini ITX: No issues. I did not OC on this motherboard. Looking for $60

  • Ncase M1 v.5: Some small scratches from moving it around. One screw was stripped from when I first built in the case. Comes with everything that was included. Maybe missing a screw or two, but nothing major. Looking for $150.

  • Corsair SF 600 Watt: Has worked great since I got it. I had to pull some of the cables apart near the ends to make them more flexible, but all cables are there and included. I can send pictures of the cables to show what I mean. Looking for $60. SOLD

Prices are negotiable, and I'd sell all together for the right price. Will only do shipping in the US. I am located in southwest Missouri. We can talk about who pays shipping if we decide on a price and finalize a sale.

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Mar 12, 2017
The price on that mobo... Wow. really wish I hadn't already bought mine :(. That's a killer deal.
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