cable sleeves

  1. Ibraah3m

    MDPC-X sizing help

    Hey all. I ordered a NFC S4M, that made it to the country in less time than it has been spending at customs. I still need to source a power button. I found a local vendor that sells MDPC-X sleeving among other nice things. I also...
  2. OliverRH

    Concept Small ATX Case with focus on design - under 18.5 liter!

    Hi guys, long time no see. I am back with a new version of my small form factor ATX case, this time it is this a 3D render, but I will start making a prototype in a week or so :) The case measures H37.1 cm x D36.6 cm x W13.6 cm = 18.467 liter. So just under 18.5 liter. This case is a little...
  3. Wahaha360

    Custom SFX PSU cable length

    ASRock X299E-ITX/ac mobo Corsair SF600 psu Titan XP gpu I need help with custom SFX cable length, anyone care to share theirs? I’m looking to buy it from, if anyone has experience, doshare. I have a full loop setup in my Mach One prototype. It would be real pain to take it...
  4. Biowarejak

    Splicing Sata to PCIE 6 Pin

    So, I have a couple of these guys: And I was wondering, is there a way I can splice one of them onto the SATA cable directly by removing the male and female ends? I would also be taking the opportunity to reduce my cable length and sleeve them, so I'm not concerned about soldering and heat...
  5. B

    Corsair SF450 PSU Wiring

    I managed somehow to mess up the connections between the 10pin/18pin connector to the 24pin connector. Does anyone have a diagram that shows what connections should be made or perhaps knows. I failed to note this numbers being a first time 'sleever'.. Cheers