1. Valantar

    .SKP & .STEP Flexatx PSU cutout cover with C14 and 40mm fan mounts (for MW RPS PSUs etc.) 1

    This is a PSU cutout cover plate for cases meant for FlexATX PSUs, for folks wanting to use an internal AC-DC PSU of some kind (like MeanWell's RPS series). It has a cutout designed for snap-in panel mount C14 sockets, which partially relies on the adjoining case panel for structural support for...
  2. Exal

    Ncase M1 Build Ryzen 5 / C14S - EVGA 2080 ti Black Edition / Accelero iii

    Hello to the SFF Ncase community ! I finally got all my parts and just wanted to confirm a few things regarding EVGA 2080 ti black edition for those wondering. 2080 ti black edition + Accelero iii + 2X120mm standard fan = it fits :thumb: Installing the Accelero : First unscrew everything on...
  3. S

    Ncase+C14: Fan underneath benefit?

    Does anybody know if it benefits to add a third fan (underneath) to a Ncase M1 with C14 and 2x Noctua A12X25 PWM side by side on stock panel? I am talking about a third A12X25 PWM fan. This will of cause mean low profile RAM like Corsair Vengence LPX. The alternative is to use a 15mm fan...