1. uonen

    .STEP Asus ROG LOKI SFX-L 1000W PSU 1.0

    Exterior of it modeled official photos from Asus website should be accurate enough, internal parts are modeled from google photos. For some reason internal parts unable to open after exporting (.step) so I uploaded separately in case works for you. Some of the internal parts and connectors are...
  2. eedev

    EK-Quantum Vector TUF RTX 3080/3090 3D Printed End Cap (RGB-less)

    Hey mate! I made this mod to have more room in my case. You can download the file here if you are interested. See you! 🤟
  3. Wolfe1

    Discussion A 3070, an Asus X570-I, and a Gen-3 riser cable walk into a bar...

    So I somehow was able to get a 3070 FE at MSRP yesterday in the best buy drop*** and its going into my SM550. One thing that I remember hearing awhile back were issues with PCIe-4.0 cards and 3.0 riser cables (specifically with 4.0 mobos). I have done some searching and it seems that in some...
  4. Qu1ckset

    Log [Build Log] Ryzen X Meshlicious

    Ryzen X Meshlicious Goals My goals with Ryzen X Meshlicious is to be a very clean minimalistic ssf build while achieving max performance. I plan to keep it a mostly black theme with any of the lighting/RGB parts being set to purple! (My favorite color!) Hardware List CPU: Ryzen 9 5900X...
  5. thewizzard1

    News CES21: Asus Sneak-Peaks uSFF 3080 Custom eGPU [DigitalTrends]

    Via DigitalTrends: "But then, there’s the ROG XG Mobile, an external graphics enclosure that’s meant to add some additional power to the Flow X13. External graphics are nothing new, but the XG Mobile has a form...
  6. ParallaxStax

    Motherboard ASUS B550I-Strix

    Notes: Active VRM fan :( 19 pin type e header Up to DDR4 5100 Mhz "8+2 DrMOS voltage regulator module" Intel I225-V 2.5Gb Ethernet 1 x gen 4 m.2, 1x gen 3 m.2 1x pump, 3x fan headers 1x thunderbolt 3 internal header Price: $229
  7. S

    Cooling Pictures and Measurements for Reference on the ASUS ROG Strix X570-I Gaming and Swiftech Apogee Drive II

    A few pictures, measurements, and compatibilities for reference on the ASUS ROG Strix X570-I Gaming motherboard and Swiftech Apogee Drive II CPU pump/block. Details for the photos are in the description of each of the pictures. I hope you guys find this useful. Let me know if there's any...
  8. Sazexa

    Monochrome (Thorzone Mjolnir build)

    Hello everyone! If you like a bit of a read, this first post is for you! If you're more the pictures only type, you'll probably want to wait or subscribe for as parts roll in. ? This is going to be my first (on build log, and using the soon to release Thorzone Mjolnir. It'll feature...
  9. D

    motherboard advice

    Got to decide between 2 motherboards and just cant decide. Without detailing the build which one do you guys prefer and why? GIGABYTE B450 I AORUS PRO WIFI or ASUS ROG STRIX B450-I GAMING...
  10. jaz

    Will it fit? Noctua U9S and Asus X570-I Gaming

    Hello everyone, my Nacase M1 will arrive very soon and i just asking to myself, if the Noctua U9S with a double fan configuration will fit on the ASUS X570-I Gaming motherboard. There is this big chipset cooler at the IO panel on the left side, which might cause clearance issues. Maybe there...
  11. n13L5

    GPU Some odd news about Asus' RTX 2080 cards...

    Techradar wrote the following: So, a dual RTX 2080 board (2 GPU's on one board) costs only $85 more than a single GPU 2080 TI... A dual GPU board at $1720 means you're paying $860 per GPU... That is actually a fairly civil price. ...Something that can't be said for the RTX 2080 TI, where...
  12. Mtthwmths

    Raijintek Metis in Green

    I recently moved my build into the Metis Plus while I am waiting on my sweet Custom_MOD Mini from sergiiua and wanted to keep a record on here of the experience. This is my first build using mostly Used parts. I got the cpu, mobo, and gpu from /r/hardwareswap. The psu, ssd, and case were bought...
  13. Jorgejones96

    Custom Hardline Loop in Phantek’s Shift (non x)

    This is my semi-finished custom hardline loop in Phanteks Shift case. Ive had this build since January but have only recently decided to share it to assist anyone else thinking about doing a similar spec build in this case. I also just wanted to show off the Primochill Vue Fluid Hah! Cooling...
  14. X

    Motherboard Asus B350-I ROG STRIX

    I got lucky and snagged an Asus B350-I from PC-Canada. As of right now, they have only 1 more left in stock. Just thought I'd post some component pictures here for anyone that's considering this board for their next ITX build. Please let me know if you'd like to see any particular board...
  15. VegetableStu

    News ASUS Z370-I Gaming

    Someone got early access to review that board :o
  16. cordep

    Selling NCASE M1 V5.0 Bundle Sale

    Greetings, I have a huge bundle sale here that I would like to fulfill in one payment of $3000 obo. I'd hate to sell this in parts, as it wouldn't really allow me to use the computer. Currently, I am a college student, and require some funds for an important next step in my life. For that...
  17. 3lfk1ng

    SFF.Network ASUS ROG STRIX H270I motherboard coming soon

    Read more here.
  18. Cuzza

    .SKP M4A88T-I Deluxe 2015-12-26