1. WinterCharm

    Production Winter One -- 15.6L SFF case, 3090 Support, 3-slot GPUs, dual 280mm radiators, CFD Optimized Design

    Winter One -- V11 (Kickstarter is HERE!!!) Link To Kickstarter Link to Website (For More Information!) ------------------------------ V11 Case Dimensions: L 322mm W 160mm H 302mm Volume: 15.6L ------------------------------- V11 Changelog: 1. Slight Volume Increase from 15.4L >>...
  2. J

    PSU / Asetek AI airflow issue in DanCase A4

    Looking for some advice on my DanCase build. When installing the GPU, there's very little clearance between the bottom of the GPU and the top of the AIO fan. As a result, I have to spread out the PSU cables as much as possible or it prevents the AIO fan from spinning. However, this introduces a...
  3. S

    Dan Case - cpu cooler fin orientation

    Hello, I am building in the Dan Case A4 sfx v4. I have 2 noctua NF-A9x14 on the bottom of the case as intake. I am using the NH-L9i as my cpu cooler. My question is, should I install the cooler fins perpendicular or parallel to the ram for the optimal air flow? Thanks.
  4. rescueinhaler

    Cleanest and Easiest Way to Make Ventilation Holes in MC600

    Hi all, I've been a long time lurker and am a bit over my head in an MC600 build. I've been following zovc and TekEverything's guides and threads but am a bit hesitant to take a drill/saw to my case. Here's my spec: Case: Logic Supply MC600 Mobo: Gigabyte Z370N CPU: intel i5 8400 GPU: EVGA GTX...
  5. snyed

    Optimal Airflow

    If a case were to have only 2 top fan mounts, what directions should the fans face for the best cooling performance? Airflow diagram:
  6. BaK

    Concept Heatsinks and airflow

    To follow a variant of a @Phryq's idea I came up with, I'm wondering if the following setup will cool an heatsink with fins* efficiently? (*This will be an heatsink with the apertures on its smaller sides as opposed to a regular top-down heatsink) As you can see, only the bottom part of the...