1. Napostrophe

    Optimal M1 Cooling? (Air vs. AIO Water)

    Hello, all! I'm going off to college soon and plan on building a PC in the NCase M1 to bring with me. The system will have something along the lines of: Ryzen 7 3700x (once it comes out) GeForce RTX 2070 (or comparable AMD card if one comes out soon, exact spec not decided yet, probably EVGA...
  2. Trouffman

    Concept An open-air mini-ITX version of the Open Benchtable

    Hey guys, As part of the Open Benchtable Project, I am looking for your feedback as SFF enthusiast. After the success of the first iteration of the project ( The BC1 : a full size ATX open-air case / benchtable), we were looking into some other way to extend the project. Some people asked us...