Concept An open-air mini-ITX version of the Open Benchtable

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  1. Trouffman

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    Hey guys,

    As part of the Open Benchtable Project, I am looking for your feedback as SFF enthusiast. After the success of the first iteration of the project ( The BC1 : a full size ATX open-air case / benchtable), we were looking into some other way to extend the project.

    Some people asked us for a Mini-ITX version, here is a mockup of what it could be...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    (The big one is the actual Open Benchtable while the small is the Mini-ITX idea)

    Details :
    - Mini-ITX support
    - SFX PSU support (no ATX)
    - Support 2.5' drive
    - Thumb Screws for fixing anything you need
    - Push-pin
    - PCI-E brackets
    - Extension bracket for AiO or fans

    Note : This is a mock-up, the feedback will help out on shaping it.

    Your feedback matters !
    - What would you love to see added ?
    - Would you consider buying this type of mini-ITX open-air case ?
    - Any constructive feedback is good feedback

    Suggestions : (updated)
    - Wall Mount (kinda available as the 2 PCI-express brackets use 2 holes in the feets)

    Disclaimer : I am part of the OBT Project [​IMG] For all the details you can check on the original version you can check the OpenBenchtable Site

    Note for Mods : This is a Feedback Thread

    Update October 19 :
    The OBT-Mini is now available :

    The SFF community had some interesting feedback that hopefully made it in the final version.

    I am now looking forward to feedback with end-user usage :)
  2. WadeAK78

    WadeAK78 Master of Cramming

    I can't see your pictures.
  3. HeroXLazer

    HeroXLazer King of Cable Management

    I'd buy this if you put 4 2.5 inch SSDs support. Also, I'd like to see a brass limited edition of it.
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  4. Aibohphobia

    Aibohphobia aka James
    Chimera Industries

    I'd recommend having the middle screw holes for the SFX power supplies. Not all of them have all 6 screw holes.
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  5. FCase

    FCase SFF Lingo Aficionado

    Since it is an open bench table, more than likely primarily for system testing, I would request the ability to mount varying PSU's SFX down to Pico with internal AC/DC converters.
    You could do an SFX mount that allows optional brackets for either FlexATX or something like an "L" bracket with c14/barrel plug to mount an internal AC/DC brick for a Pico unit.

    Just thinking out loud.
  6. 3lfk1ng

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    Hello Trouffman, welcome to the forums.

    First, congrats on all the success as well as the rewards!

    For the last year, I was one of the users that regularly asked your various social channels for an mATX version.
    I can make due with an ITX version though ;)

    Glad to see pure support for an SFX PSU and I second Aibohphobia's requests to support center holes.

    I will be one of your first buyers.
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  7. ricochet

    ricochet SFF AFFLICTED

    Since it is a SFF format (mini-ITX) I would recommend you consider adding a series of mounting points (simply holes) for DC-ATX / DC-DC boards and Internal AC-DC Adapters (e.g. HDPLEX; G-Unique; KMPKT Dynamo).
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  8. TheHig

    TheHig King of Cable Management
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    This. Totally.

    A lot off the sff community has been using these units and I'm just getting started with them. A test bench with support would be something I would certainly be interested in purchasing. I see such a bench as a viable long term open air case if the quality is there as well.
  9. bledha

    bledha Airflow Optimizer

    Love the idea of this. Often, I find (as I suspect many of us here do) myself between cases or moving components around, testing, etc. Would love to have something like this in my desk drawer to pop out and throw some stuff on in the between-times.

    My only gripe with the BC1 was that it pretty pricey for what it was, but I understand and support the project and the openness of the developers. If this could be a little more affordable, I would buy one. Hell, maybe 2.
  10. Trouffman

    Trouffman Trash Compacter
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    Added as request : Due to the constraint of the form factor this would probably be only holes and not adjustable like the one in the render (otherwise it will not pass with the feets)

    - Added on the list

    A chance to get the blueprints for thoses mounting holes of those from Factor ?
    For the adapter, the goal is to keep the OBT as simple as possible. As we release the blueprint you can 3D print adapters for the differents things you want to hook. (Like this ATX to SFX 3D printed adapter)

    - A chance to get the blueprints for thoses mounting holes of those from Factor ?

    Price wise this is actually quite good, considering it is all out of one big piece of aluminum (high grade), CNC and the screws / PCI-E are custom made to fit the needs that didn't exist on the market.

    Expected price-wise for a mini-ITX version should be around the same (production quantity is lower so spreading the investment cost and production limitation is spread on less units)
  11. Aibohphobia

    Aibohphobia aka James
    Chimera Industries

    The 300W DC-ATX and 160W AC-DC are here:

    The 300W AC-DC isn't out yet, but here's the last mounting hole pattern that I know of:

    With any of the HDPLEX stuff though, the case would have to have tapped holes, either that or the units would have to be mounted in combination with nuts.

    And you may want to double-check the SFX mounting holes. Many SFX and SFX-L units have the AC inlet close to the edge, and it looks like it could interfere with the legs with the current mockup design.
  12. Trouffman

    Trouffman Trash Compacter
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    That sounds very limited usage but i might be wrong.
    For the inlet, I will forward the info but should be fine :) (same challenges was ont he prototype of the first OBT (ATX) we rely on using 3 mounting holes instead of the 4)
  13. TheDreamingMonk

    TheDreamingMonk Average Stuffer

    Considering we have people running 1080's on the HDPlex...

    Of course, you won't be doing a lot of overclocking at that point, but it's far from limited.
  14. Trouffman

    Trouffman Trash Compacter
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    Kinda refering to doing a mount only for this :), having it supported is good either native or via 3d printed adapters
  15. munzamir

    munzamir Efficiency Noob

    hay hay~ where are we at now? this open bench concept looks interesting. just ordered the 300W DC-ATX. make it happen please Trouffman! :)
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  16. ricochet

    ricochet SFF AFFLICTED

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    Case Fan Test Bracket: a very small and simple L-bracket (on the right side) with only two (2) mounting (tapped) holes for testing a 60, 80, 120, or 140 mm case fan. When mounted the fan orientation would be upright perpendicular (in relation to the m/b) with the intake or exhaust pushing/pulling air across the motherboard).
  17. TinyAudio

    TinyAudio Cable-Tie Ninja
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    !!!Random question Alert!!!

    I am looking to start a completely passive build while I was looking at enclosed vertical cases to generate airflow (OSMI , FT03 Mini).

    Is there a way I could spray paint all non-moving components? I mean everything MB, RAM, GPU with a non-conductive paint?
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  18. ricochet

    ricochet SFF AFFLICTED

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    Me like your tubes...

    Maybe check out a HumiSeal conformal coating made for electronics or a bar-b-q grill type paint that is not conductive. Before coating/painting remove heatsinks and seal off all chips, slots, and connectors with a good quality painter's masking tape.
  19. munzamir

    munzamir Efficiency Noob

  20. Trouffman

    Trouffman Trash Compacter
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    Added that back in the project back end.

    As we need a certain number to run to production this is till far from it. We are still discussing what is the best way to make it happen.

    You could use the bracket like this indeed.

    Under discussion still, project is still going on. Will Keep you guys updated :)
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