1. Curiosity

    Closed ADTLINK R43UR (150mm), EKWB supremacy Evo X99 full nickel(+nickel am4 bracket), DC-LT 2600 w/acrylic top

    Hiya friends. I'm looking to sell some unneeded hardware. changed my case plans to use a different riser so I don't need the R43UR any more, and I changed my loop plans from the supremacy + external pump to the kind boring generic eisbaer lt solo (it's just so space efficient!) I'm not really...
  2. Curiosity

    .SKP ADTLink R43UR M.2 to PCIEx16 riser (150mm) 1.0

    Modeled this for planning for my A300-M(AX) build, so I'm uploading it in case it's useful for someone else. It's as accurate as I can manage with mechanical calipers and jeweler ruler, simple model for ease of use and also because I saw no reason to model in screws holding things together that...