ac-dc adapter

  1. graphichasan

    Why there is not much hype on active cooled ac-dc brick ? doesn't they make cases more smaller ?

    Hey I designed a active cooled brick with a vary small footprint from standard MeanWell units .... planning to be make ac-dc bricks affordable .... but it seams aside from some awesome people nobody is interested really .... is there a particular reason sff forum just not into high power (800W)...
  2. graphichasan

    Concept Project Thundercreck | Designing an 200W - 400W active cooled ac-dc brick.

    Project Goal : Support at least 3 models 200W, 300W & 400W. Output & input have hydrophobic/hepa filter for IPx4 Resistance. At least IPx4 level of water spell protection of for long service life. Auto Load Shearing of these models if combined with a sli bridge like 2cable sense line. Handle...
  3. PennerG

    Power Supply Help with ac to dc adapters

    Hi. I'm relatively new to SFF building and PC building in general. I bought a 250w pico psu and it has been working well powering my i5 7400 and 2x8gb of ddr4 2133 ram. I was using a 12v 10a portable charger with a lot of adapters to plug into the pico psu (kinda a bad solution). I just bought a...
  4. chingi5

    How hot should the HDPlex 160w combo get?

    I just got hold of a 160w AC-DC + DC-DC combo a couple of days ago to power my G4560/GTX1050 system and it works like a charm so I haven't even thought about cooling it. However after a long session of PUBG and running Furmark + Prime95 for half an hour I've decided to check how hot does the...
  5. P

    .SKP Mean Well EPP-400-12 v1

    A SketchUp model of the Mean Well EPP-400-12 AC-DC converter. Modelled after the technical drawings provided by Mean Well. Quite Accurate.
  6. GentlemanShark

    Power Supply Could I use an EVGA SC17 AC adapter with an HD Plex?

    I was looking at EVGA's website, and noticed they sold the AC adapter normally included with the laptop on it's own. You can check it out here. If you look at the images, it is actually pretty tiny and much easier to fit into a backpack than a standard Alienware brick or Dell unit that most...
  7. EdZ

    Power Supply Redundant PSU modules for high power internal AC -> 12V?

    Reading PCPer's review of a redundant PSU, a line jumped out at me: Each of those FSP520-20RGGBB1 modules is a 520W 92% efficienct single-rail 12V supply, feeding via a card-edge connector (AKA nice big solder pads that sadly lack strain-relief). While FSP don't publish the dimensions of the...
  8. jeshikat

    .SKP & .STEP HDPLEX Internal 300W AC-DC Adapter v0.2b

    Upcoming 300W AC-DC Adapter w/ PFC from HDPLEX. Designed to be internally mounted. 90V-264V 50/60hz AC input and 19.5V DC output. This is a placeholder model based off the dimensions given by HDPLEX for an unreleased product. This model is NOT 100% accurate so plan accordingly! This model will...
  9. jeshikat

    .SKP & .STEP HDPLEX Internal 160W AC-DC Adapter 2016-08-13

    160W AC-DC Adapter w/ PFC from HDPLEX. Designed to be internally mounted. 90V-264V 50/60hz AC input and 19.5V DC output. Measured with calipers. Should be accurate to within 0.5mm. Only external features modeled. Screw model from McMaster-Carr.