280mm rad support

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    Concept NEW CASE! Is there any interest in an SFF case capable of holding 2x 280mm radiators?

    Just as the title says: is there any interest in a case roughly the volume of the Ncase M1, but capable of holding two 30mm thick 280mm radiators? I am in the (early) process of creating such a case for myself; but since I'll be doing the work of creating the case anyway, I wanted to gauge...
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    Enclosure Any cases under $150 that can fit a 240 aio?

    To start off this is first post and im not good with forums, so sorry if this is formatted wrong or isnt well written. Anyway, I have a 3700x and a corsair h115i and a h100i platinum se, and i was trying to find a case that would fit one of them and was still somewhat small. Right now i have the...