1. WH-team

    Prototype Sans MK II-10.3L 240/280AIO low airflow resistance case-prototype updated

    It`s update for Sans MK1. Because it hasn't been improved for a long time, and it has been discontinued for some time. As one of the earlier chassis that can support AIO water cooling equipment. Sans MK1 was very popular until competitive models of its kind were gradually born. So I recently...
  2. Arc_Lag

    CPU Reviews regarding the Hj 240MM

    Hi there! I was planning on making a FormD T1 Watercooled build, already got most of the parts but then I hit some compatibility issues regarding space. My original plan was to just keep my 3080 TUF aircooled, but after careful inspection, I figured out that I don't have space to put my...
  3. F

    Concept SLI, 2 x 240mm Radiators, below 20L

    Hi all, Just been experimenting with doing an ITX case and realised you could totally fit all of this into beneath 20L. This idea is very basic due to my lack of design skills, and probably wouldn't work airflow wise - but the idea would be similar to the "basement" in bigger cases with the 240...