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I made this mockup file to make it easy for me and everyone else to visualize what their S4 Mini Wrap designs will look like. :)

I set up the file to use the same Template file that @Josh | NFC kindly provided us so if you have a design already made you can just place it inside the appropriate smart object and the mockup should work perfectly.


I am working on other views of the case as I have time so this resource will be updated to include them all in a Zip file as I add new ones. I made another view/version so now it is a .zip file :) If that is a problem for anyone just let me know!

If you run into any issues with the file please let me know and I will do my best to fix them for you! *User error not included :p


Here are screenshots of the available view(s) so you know what you can do:

(Credit for the photo I based this on to @MODZERO)

(Credit for the photo I based this on to @MODZERO)

More to come...
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  1. S4 Mini Wrap Mockup files (v1.1)

    Added a new view with both sides shown at the same time :)

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Spanking excellent. I love this community. This is expertly done and saved me tons of time and headache.