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.STEP RCC-BIG560 DIY Edition V1.1

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This is the DIY-friendly edition of my RCC-BIG560 Case. It does not require any bending tools. All you need is access to a Laser Cutter or CNC Router to cut the panels and some tools for tapping M3/M4 threads.

Free to use for Personal Projects only - Commercial use prohibited!
  • All panels can be manufactured by laser cutting or on a CNC router out of 2mm Aluminum or Acrylic
  • Standoffs required: M3x10, M3x7
  • Screws required: M3x5, M4x8, CS M3x6
  • If you don't have access to a laser cutter or CNC, I can also make you the panels

A "BIG560 DIY Starter Set" w/o panels can be found here:

Latest updates

  1. RCC-BIG560 DIY Edition V1.1

    now including DXF file for laser cutting