.STEP RCC-BIG560 DIY Edition V1.1

    REVOCCASES-RCC-BIG560-DIY Edition This is the DIY-friendly edition of my RCC-BIG560 Case. It does not require any bending tools. All you need is access to a Laser Cutter or CNC Router to cut the panels and some tools for tapping M3/M4 threads. Free to use for Personal Projects only -...

    Concept RCC-BIG1EVO | vertical industrial style 12L case

    REVOCCASES BIG1EVO Specs (may change / to be discussed): Size: 374H x 173W x 183D (11.84L) Orientation: vertical Material: space gray metallic powder coated aluminum Motherboard I/O: at the back for easy access GPU I/O: at the bottom (pigtail cables necessary) Dual chamber design...

    Selling REVOCCASES SHOP - Cases and Accessories

    Hello everyone! I am excited to announce that my new Online Shop is up and running. This should make it more convenient for you to check out my products instead of sending me a message. If you prefer the personal touch, of course you can still contact me directly to purchase something from me...