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G-unique Archdaemon

.SKP & .STEP G-unique Archdaemon 2018-07-31

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Some awesome person made a 3d model of the Archdaemon in sketchup, but that's not much use for us CAD software users, so I spent the day modelling this! Hope it'll help somebody... If not, meh, then I just got some CAD practice ;)

Precise to about 0.1-0,05 mm except for the wires and heatshrink part. That's just made to get an idea of the clearance needed to fit the unit.

This version is with the limited edition CapArmor installed, but that can easily be removed in the model since I've made it its own group. Also, I only included the bigger components, so the smallest resistors and such are not included in this drawing.

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